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Q:  How many teams are in each division?

A: There are 16 teams MAX in each division.


Q: How many divisions will there be?

A: Lake Jam Oregon will have (24) divisions of play.

(10) Open Youth Divisions (Boys & Girls): 9 & Under, 11 & Under, 13 & Under, 15 & Under, 18 & Under.

(3) Open Adult Divisions: Men's Open, Women's Open, Age 40 & Over.

(6) Elite Youth Divisions (Boys & Girls): Peak Elite (18 & Under), Rise Elite (15 & Under), Launch Elite (11 & Under).

(3) Elite Adult Divisions: Men's Over 6' Elite, 6' & Under Elite, Women's Elite

(2) Specialty Divisions: Family (Must be Related), Co-Ed

Special Olympics


Unified (co-ed)


Q:  What's the difference between 'Open' & 'Elite'

A: Open is a recreational level of play.  Elite is a high level of play.  Some players will know where they belong.  For others, it's not so easy.  Here are some questions to ask yourself.  The answer will indicate the probable division for you.


How Long Have You Played?

Rookie (just started playing) - Open

Hooper (have played 3 or more years) - Open

Veteran (have played 6 or more years) Open or Elite


What is your Basketball Dedication Level?

I Love Basketball, but I rarely play (0-2 times per month) - Open

I Play in Recreation leagues when I have time (min 1 time per week) - Open

I Play basketball on the regular (2-3 times per week) - Open or Elite

I Live, sleep, breathe basketball (5-7 times per week) - Elite


Why do you Play?

I like learning the game for fun  - Open

I like to have fun & compete - Open

I like to compete & win - Open or Elite

I win at all costs - Elite


If you are still unclear on your level of play, you can contact a coach at who will help you determine your division.


Q:  How many players can play on each team?

A:  You need to register at least 3 players and no more than 4 players on your team.  If you are still hoping to get your fourth player, you have until your first game to register that player; please do what you can to arrive early to get the paperwork completed.


Q:  What if we only have 3 players and we have an injury?

A:  A team can continue play as long as they keep two players on the court, which also applies to starting a game.  A team with less than two players will result in an automatic forfeit.


Q:  Do we need proof of age or height?

A:  Yes, youth brackets (ages 7-18) will need to bring proof of age. Documents such as birth certificates, passports and driver licenses (for 15-18 year olds) are acceptable. These documents will be checked when the team checks-in.  Adult men's divisions will be measured during check-in.  Any player taller than their division limits will not be allowed to play in that division.  The team can continue to play in that division without the restricted player as long as they meet the two player minimum.


Q:  How do we know what time to play?

A:  Brackets with start times will be posted on the web page by the Wednesday before the tournament day after 5:00pm.  Team Captains/contact name will be emailed when schedules are posted.


Q:  When should I arrive for day of the tournament check-in?

A:  It is advised to come at least one hour early for your first game to make sure you have time to check in and complete registration on your player ID and get a feel for the courts.  Games will start at 8:00am and registration opens at 6:30am.





Q:  Are there prizes for winning our division?

A:  Youth and adult open division winners each receive championship apparel.  Second place winners each receive a Limited Edition Lake Jam 2017 T-shirt.  Youth elite division champions will receive "Champ Packs".  Adult elite division champions will receive "Champ Packs" and cash prizes.


Q:  What age do I register if my birthday is soon.

A:  You register in the age group you will be on the day of the tournament, NOT THE DAY YOU REGISTER.  Players will be required to show proof of age.  Any player older than his division limits will be restricted from play in that division.


Q:  Can I register my team now and pay later?

A:  No. Due to limited space in the divisions, you will need to pay when you register.


Q:  What are the rules for Lake Jam Oregon 3x3 tournament?

A:  Take a look at the rules here


Q:  Is there a Slam Dunk Contest?

A:  Of Course, we've even thinned the air here to make sure you get that extra lift for your closer round.  If you’ve got bounce, we need to see you here! Register on July 1st.


Q: What is the RFID Player Band ?

A: RFID Player bands will come in your team package after registration. This wrist band will be used for check-in. It will also track your wins and losses and can win you some pretty awesome swag. Don’t lose it!



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